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Is my bottom bracket cracked?

I was inspecting my bike a couple of days ago and I found what seems like a crack on the bottom bracket welds (encircled below). I’ve ridden it for less than 150 kilometers. I know it’s hard to tell ...
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1 vote
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Should I buy those bicycles with dentation in frame?

I saw this little dentation on the welding between the down tube and the head tube, looked suspicious to me, is it safe to ride?
5 votes
1 answer

Can I use fiberfix tape to reinforce this shoddy weld?

I recently built a hi-ten steel bike and I just realized that it had a large hole in one of the welds near the seat tube and the top tube. Tried taking it back to the shop that shipped me the frame ...
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5 votes
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Seat post clamp bracket failure - how to repair?

I have a Jamis TAXI beach cruiser needing repair. Part of the bracket that is welded for holding the seat post clamp in place has come loose. The frame says T6 6061 aluminum. I am having trouble ...
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3 answers

My chainstays have been eaten by rust, can something be done?

I hope you are all safe and sound and your Christmas time is at least decent in these pandemic times. The other day I decided to give a good clean to my steel city bicycle and I removed the stand, ...
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