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Questions about bikes for women, clothing, and any other issues specific to women.

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What are the differences between men's and women's bike frames?

Why do women's bikes have a diagonal bar in the frame instead of a horizontal frame? Is this the only difference? Sorry if this has been asked (but I cannot find it by searching) and I also just ...
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How do you adjust the set-up of road bike brakes for women with small hands

My girlfriend has recently bought her first road bike. While the frame size is pretty much spot on and comfortable for her, she finds that the brakes are difficult to use and she ends up with pain in ...
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What does WSD mean relating to mountain bikes?

I keep finding a WSD version of bikes I'm interested in buying. What does WSD mean?
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Day-trip bike for hefty 40-year-old woman?

I have an Electra Townie 7d, and I'm quite fond of her (sorry, I do anthropomorphize my bike) as a commuter and farmer's-market hauler, but I'd like a more efficient bike for afternoon-trips (say, 50 ...
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Modern Retro-design (Peugout-mixte) bicycle for girlfriend

My girlfriend would like to buy a bicycle, though, she's marveled about these old Peugout Mixte bicycles. These seem to be very hard to find. So, I am wondering if there can be found any modern ...
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Light-weight ladies bike

What about ladies bikes? I tried to buy one recently, like mine but with a smaller frame. It came with 700 wheels. Is that sensible? Shouldn't there be a smaller wheel for a smaller frame? Does North ...
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Differences between male and female road bikes? [duplicate]

My girlfriend would like to take up road cycling and join me, but hasn't had a road bike before me. So, I'm gleefully eyeing up an excuse to go bike shopping :-) I'm used to the idea that road bikes ...
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