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Preparation/training for a 6-hour time-trial

I'm a relatively fit hobby cyclist and want to set myself a challenge for (mid) 2024, competing in a 6-hour TT challenge. It's a relatively flat to moderately hilly 18 km loop (1% average gradient, ...
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Should I add my base metabolic rate to a calorie estimate from a ride?

Hı, I am beginner in cycling . I learned my body's Base Metabolic Rate (BMR) is burning 1700 calories at rest. For example I burned 2000 calories in 4 hour cycling workout. Should I eat 2000 burnt ...
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Take away bragging rights, Strava's kudos, and the sense of achievement, why does the pursuit of a (metric/imperial) century matter?

TL;DR Take away all psychological factors, including that 100 or 160 km are round numbers. Also take away that a bike is a transportation device (and hence training for 160 km means one can visit ...
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Does a bike-stalling speed exist? [closed]

Planes can stall. A plane maintains lift through speed. If the speed drops below a threshold, the plane stalls and begins a downspiral. Now that many 1x modern bikes are discarding front derailleurs, ...
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Fitting Shimano pedals into a 3/4" crank socket

I bought a commercial grade spin bike (Niuweite F800 from China) for exercising at home during quarantine. I wanted to upgrade the pedals to Shimano pedals since I used to join spinning classes pre-...
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Do you oscillate your diet along with your riding?

Briefly If on alternate days you cycle and rest, and your ride uses, say, 1200 calories, what's better, to eat 2600 calories daily (and then where does the deficit come from on the riding days?) or to ...
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Why do base kilometers help with time trials?

Question: If I want to maintain some objective measure of improvement by keeping track of the time it takes me to do a 40-km round-trip, why is it important to not do a time trial every time (riding ...
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How to get a decent workout on a mid sized, flat parking lot?

I'm looking for a way to have a bicycle based workout in the middle of the COVID-19 quarantine. I do not own a roller trainer of any type, nor materials good enough to make one myself. In my country ...
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