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2 answers

Disc Wheel w/ rim brake to Disc Brakes?

I have a zipp disc wheel that is for rim brakes. Is it possible to convert it to a disc brake? I’m thinking it might be possible by replacing the hub/mount for the disc brakes but I’m not sure on that....
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How do I get/check if carbon wheels are tubeless compatible

I have fake Zipp 404 and Continental GP4000 SII tubular on it. It is time to change it. The question is how do I know if this wheels a) without removing b) with removing tubeless compatible or not?
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1 vote
2 answers

Which brake pads to choose if you have fake carbon clinchers

I have one more question regarding this question well answered. (Thanks for all answers.) Now I checked that, The wheels which I have, are FAKE as you see on left image. I have two questions: Which ...
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2 votes
4 answers

How to define if brake pads suitble for carbon clinchers

I have Carbon Tubeless wheels ZIPP 404 Weaponary 10 speed, which I have bought on my used Pinarello Ultegra rim brakes. Now I hear that Carbon wheels should / must have special brakes. Question is: ...
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1 answer

Zipp Showstopper Brake Surface

Has anyone else noted a drastic reduction in braking performance with Zipp's NSW Showstopper braking system as they age? Right now the dry stopping isn't great, but wet stopping is practically ...
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Identify Zipp hub version

Which version / year is this 303 Firecrest hub? The hub has this number: 11sp z3001 13 0863 and the wheel is tubular
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What's a good hub for ultra bikepacking races?

I've now twice had the body of the rear hub destroyed during bikepacking racing (999 Miglia 2017 and Race Around Denmark 2018). I'm currently using Zipp 303 Disc with 177D hubs from 2016 and it seems ...
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