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Has Zwift ever publicly addressed the issue of bot farms accumulating XP/kit/drops on accounts for sale?

Please refer to the screen-captures here: This user passed me on Epic KOM and proceeded to continue riding at 5.7w/kg (sic) for the complete duration of time that I could see their details. It went ...
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Wahoo Kickr Core power cable snapped

So after a few years of a dodgey power cable connection, the cable has finally snapped off. The turbo is perfectly functional otherwise and so I wouldn't want to replace the whole thing. I was ...
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2 answers

Tacx / Wahoo / Zwift turbo trainer advice/recommendations?

I was looking for a good stationary exercise bike to use for days when I can't/don't want to take my bike out and train. I was convinced that a better option than a stationary bicycle would be a ...
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Do Zwift bicycle stars represent values or tiers of values?

In Zwift, do the number of stars that bicycles and wheels have represent numerical values, or do they represent tiers/buckets of underlying weight/drag coefficient values that are not seen? To phrase ...
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