Cycloss bikes do have a different geometry than moat modern road bikes, key word being modern.  Cross bikes typically have a longer wheelbase and chainstays to accomodate larger tires, in addition they usually but not always have a slightly higher bottom bracket though I know many dudes who race cross with a 7cm bb drop and that is no higher than most road bikes.  Dont buy into the hype that a cross bike will somehow feel slow or react like a battleship.  Truth is modern cross frame geometry is nearly identical to old school classic Italian road stage race geometry with longer chainstays and a longer overall wheelbase.  Tjis gemetry perfectly suited many of the worlds best racers for decades.  It is only in the last decade or two where an obsession has entered the road race scene to fit riders to the smallest teeniest frame possible with the shortest, twitchiest wheelbase.  People often mistake twitchy for being faster,  it isnt.  All twitchy does is force you to expende additional energy keeping your bike poijted straight.  Read some of the writings of Andy Hampsten,  a fairly good rider.  He essentially laughs at the guys who think a supee short wheelbase bike with twitchy handling somehow makes you faster, particularly on a long stage type race.  In fact the opposite is true and Hampsten knows his stuff far better than most amateur roadies who will willingly drink any frame Koolaide served to them.  LOL