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The things you push your feet against to make the bike go. Pedaling technique, and other stuff related to pedals. Clips and clipless pedals.

The PD-T780 is an discontinued model. For 2016, they have been replaced by the PD-T8000. It seems the main difference is the PD-T8000 has metal pins on the flat side, so they should give better grip f …
answered Aug 6 '16 by vclaw
Yes, it is possible with a suitable adapter. eg the Shimano SM-SH85, or the Crank Brothers 3-hole cleat adapter. These bolt onto 3 hole (road) shoes, and provide 2 holes to bolt on SPD cleats or simil …
answered Oct 10 '13 by vclaw
Shimano make several models of pedals with SPD one side, and flat on the other. So they can be used with SPD shoes or normal shoes. Options include: PD-A530 These are designed for road/touring … bikes, so are fairly slim, with a small metal platform. (Not to be confused with the PD-A520, which are one-sided SPD pedals, without a flat platform). Personally I use these, they work pretty well …
answered Jul 6 '14 by vclaw
For a ready made part, see Fly Pedals. This is essentially just a metal platform, which you bolt cleats onto, then clip them into your pedals. They are threaded with holes for 2-bolt or 3-bolt … cleats, so should work with most mountain bike or road bike clipless pedals (including SPD-SL). Note these are not yet available, but you can pre-order them from the Fly Pedals website. Some more details on Fly Pedals on Kickstarter - that page says delivery from end of July 2014. …
answered Jul 19 '14 by vclaw