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How to adapt a tube-mounted clamped accessory for a larger diameter tube?

Your options boil down to BUY something, MAKE/ADAPT something, or find a WORKAROUND. Buying an item for this purpose is easiest, as long as you can identify a part that will do the job as required. ...
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How to install bike rack to frame with braze-ons that are different sizes?

I think your options are as follows: Opt 1. Modify the rack Drill out the rack clearance holes to accept M6 bolts. Use M6 bolts Considerations: This might void the warranty of the rack. Decide for ...
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What is the best bicycle lock on the market?

Testing in the Netherlands has proven that no lock on the market will stop experienced thieves, it will only slow them down by seconds to minutes. And those tests include motorbike locks as well as ...
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