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Cockpit tech: ANT+ Power meter → Android phone?

Several suggestions in the comments helped steer me in the right direction. The suggestion from Andrew about switching off Bluetooth on the phone and seeing if the phone still 'saw' ANT+ IDs was the ...
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How to calibrate Garmin Vector 2 power meter pedals with a Wahoo Elemnt computer?

It seems others were having this same issue and it turned out to be the torque not being set to specs (Garmin recommends a torque of 25 to 30 lbf-ft (34 to 40 N-m). In my case, I had skipped a step ...
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Winter is here, what type of trainer should I get?

Do you have a wheel sensor on the bike that connects to your gps? like this: here I use this one for my garmin 405. With either of these set ups you can use whatever you like best for training. Go to ...
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Winter is here, what type of trainer should I get?

If you want to be warm and dry and indoors then a trainer or rollers are probably what you want. Rollers and resistance trainers tend to be hard on bikes and tyres, its not unusual to use the "spare" ...
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