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Almost 6 years late. The cassette side has 10. I just took mine apart and was really surprised when the 10th one came out. I did have the foresight to put them in separate bowls.


Is this because of my weight? Or because my tires are too hard? Or are freewheels just prone to bent axles especially when you have more gears? All of these. Weight is the cause of broken bicycle components. If you imagine that you never put any weight on your bike (i.e. never ride your bike), it won't fail. The more weight you put on it, the more likely it ...


It almost certainly won't happen with a cassette hub. It can happen on standard axle cassette hubs, but it takes a lot, and there's basically always a dropout alignment problem at work in addition to heavy loads over time when it does. Eight and nine speed standard axle (M10 or 3/8") freewheel hubs are the definition of a cynical design. They work ...


IMHO, Time for a new hub. Whether you get a full new bike...well that would depend on what you have currently, and the kind of riding you do combined with how much you want to spend. The loose bearings and freewheel just don't do well once they are worn. It is worth noting however that getting the cone tension just right takes practice, you have to do it ...

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