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Much thinner (so less obvious) and less prone to rubbing than velcro straps are cable ties (zip ties). You can get a range of colours but in black or white you can also buy releasable ones that allow you to take bags off and put them back on without being wasteful. They can often be used as a direct replacement on your favourite bag.


I do not know of any commercially available products alternative to velcro, but I'm a DIY-er, And have successfully mounted some accessories to the frame and handlebars using hose clamps. Their advantage over velcro straps is that they can hold more weight and can better stabilize the load. A strap of old inner tube is enough to protect the paint. Since the ...


Can you sew? Its possible to make up a custom frame bag for your bike using relatively simple box-construction techniques. The ones I've made have been triangular and sit at the front of the main triangle, held up by two velco straps and held down by one. However you could put a double-pocket along the top, feed in a length of stiff plastic, sew it in ...


One possibility for what you saw is bag attachment bolts. Much like bottle bosses and rack attachment points, they are part of the frame. One interesting non-velcro option was what appeared to be a slender extending bar, resembling a very thin frame pump. I only saw it in passing and never had a chance to examine it, but I think the top and down tube sides ...

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