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47 front and 8 rearBut you have to have a minimum of a 175 crank and no killer hills, Plus a lot of gumption you might have to add a link or two I’ll take a link or two away from your chain and you absolutely are going to be boogieing Along with the road bikes assuming you keep high pressure low tread tires and some caffeine on hand. That’s how you get in ...


Rear wheel is also way too far forward, possibly the chain is elongated or even just too long given the mount of droop. Can't really see, but the front rim looks more worn than the rear, suggesting there may have been a front brake which was removed possibly ? Top part of headset looks wrong - perhaps plastic. There's also rust in most of the welds, it needs ...


Bog-standard BMX, probably Chinese, likely from a department store. The brake is a touch fancy but nothing else is remarkable.

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