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Why does my non-drive side crank arm come loose?

It’s well known that left-side crank arms come loose because of changing torque that causes play, as noted by Daniel. This is especially true on a street-ridden fixed gear because the torque REVERSES ...
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How to reattach DI2 battery mount inside downtube of Canyon Endurace?

I did the same thing. Take a deep breath and don’t get frustrated. Get the BB at eye level and pull the plastic cover off. Get a very bright light so you can see well inside. Use something pointed in ...
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Bottom bracket creaking only when pedaling hard.

I had a similar problem on my Ridley Noah fast and it was actually the head set on the front handle bar that needed greasing. Once it was greased there was no more creaking noise.
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Swapping BB and crankset between bikes

The crank will need to come off the spindle to access the BB tool fitting. The frames do not care about square vs octalink. Many frames in the genre the Masi belongs to (short chainstays, large tire ...
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Which way does this ring go on the left crank of this Shimano Deore Hollowtech II external bottom bracket crank?

I fully agree with the comment of Criggie. The ridged side of the washer (rubber sealing) should go to the bearing. That's the only way the sealing works efficiently.
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