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Thanks for all the ideas. Very helpful. The “panhandle” is too wide on the Tektros, and too long on the BB5. The answer came from another question on here, Quando Brake Pads - Anyone know where I can get a pair. Which I found subsequent to asking this. For a Magura model! What a wonderful expert group this is!


I can't post images with a comment so this is barely an answer but it may be of assistance. There are a few pads that are circular and 23mm in diameter, hopefully this will help narrow your search. There are also others that these pads fit I'm sure. The list beneath each is definitely not exhaustive. These come from US Distributor JBI's website: JBI Disc ...


After re-reading I think you're looking to get these sooner rather than later, so I thought about not posting at all, but then reconsidered in the event it might help. If you don't mind the (potentially) lengthy shipping time, and don't mind getting them from Aliexpress, you can find those there. I saw some listings which show 'frying pan' style brake pads ...

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