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I assume by 'pin' you mean the following part: This part is called the 'insert' or 'connecting insert' and its purpose is to 'support' the (non rigid) brake hose in order to prevent it from crushing/reducing drastically in diameter when the sleeve nut is tightened causing the olive to be compressed onto the brake hose. In other words: When tightening the ...


I already fitted a hose into a lever without this insert and it was really a bad idea : huge fluid leakage, and impossible to get any braking. So from my experience : this insert is mandatory.


I sent an email to Magura to ask about the insert. Their response: Die Stützhülse ist nicht bei unseren HS Bremsleitungen zu verwenden, hier genügen der Klemmring und die Überwurfschraube. Für den Teilebedarf zum korrekten Leitungsanschluss helfen die nachfolgenden Explosionszeichnungen wohl am besten weiter. In English: The insert isn't used ...

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