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Do you already have the cable stops? If not, then you might consider looking for ones that are attached by rivets. That will reduce the amount of skill and tools you'll need and will still give you a pretty strong bond (although it probably won't be the strongest as per your question, that is still probably welding or brazing). You'll need to make sure the ...


Beside a professionally done welding, clamp-on cable stops should be a reasonably reliable solution.


Don't use cable stops. The biggest load those stops will ever see is when you grab your brakes hard for an emergency stop. So you're likely to find out that whatever you did to bond the stops to the frame wasn't strong enough or fatigue-resistant enough at the absolute worst possible time. And you'll never be able to know if your work is fatigue-resistant ...


It's a Shimano Positron shift cable. The outer housing is also special. Picture from I found a few for sale on ebay - not an endorsement. There were two Positron systems. The first one was very complicated. The since there was no return spring the rear derailleur had two cables to pull back and forth. The later version had one solid wire ...


Obviously no cable connection between the shifters and derailleurs, both front and rear. The cable housings may have come out of a frame stop The cables may have been snapped, or the ends detached from the shifters or derailleurs Cable may have been pulled through derailleur pinch bolts There is a possibility that one or both shifting mechanisms in the ...


I just came across them at, called Slotted Cable Guides or slotted (wedge type) cable guide. The term slotted might help disambiguate from other search results.


Jagwire calls these "Hose Guide for Frame Loops". I've also found these under "Cable Guide" on Amazon.


They are possibly called "cable clamps". For most frames that I've seen, they looked like this: When lost, they are usually replaced by zip-ties, which are a better solution in the first place, from my perspective. Your frame, however, looks to use a different type of clamps which act like inserts. From the picture it is hard to tell whether the ...

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