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It's a 2014 Synapse Womens 5 105


I don't know Cannondale's models well. However, I have some approximate guesses about roughly what type of bike this and what year. Due to the lighting, we can't see the exact componentry. I can't read the component model name on the rear derailleur. It could be an 11s 105 (3rd from top, and this one would be the generation released in 2015 if it is one), ...


Suntour Superbe Tech was actually a fantastic derailleur, even though there are write ups about how bad they were, not sure where that stuff comes from because I used one for over 150,000 MILES and never had one problem, I have another bike with the Tech on it as well and it has maybe 25,000 miles on it with no problems. When the Tech is set up correctly ...

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