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You should be fine. That area appears to just be part of the dropout's axle locating recess. I don't see it taking much of the tensile load. It almost looks like it was intentional too; carbon fiber composite does not chip like glass does. You usually don't get flakes of the material simply falling off like that.


edit: Nathan's answer makes an excellent point - this answer presumes you can get to the back of the worn area, which may not be possible. Measuring through the valve hole might be a challenge. In your position I would measure the rim's thickness and make a judgement based on how much metal is there. Consider that the rim is under a lot of sideways stress ...


Everything about the wear marks on this look like a dark anodized aluminum rim with wear marks through the ano. Worn carbon brake tracks look like dull, burnished carbon usually. I have not been around any carbon disc rims that someone has taken a brake pad to, but I imagine the effect would be similar. There's something bright grey or metallic poking ...

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