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Why doesn't my new SRAM XG-1295 cassette bolt turn freely?

As others have said: it is normal for the lock tube on an XD cassette to be very stiff when new. You want to get it moving before you try to install the cassette. My solution was similar to OP: put a ...
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Chain rubs on a bigger cog on the cassette. Wrong spacing?

The cogs should be evenly spaced. On a normal Shimano HyperGlide type cassette the smaller cogs should have plastic spacers between them. It’s possible whoever installed the cassette forgot the spacer ...
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Cassette for Kickr Core

The cassette will work with your bike setup. The chain will be a bit too long. Your chain will definitely droop in the smaller chainring and smaller cassette cogs, but you could avoid those gears. I ...
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Cassette for Kickr Core

Road and MTB cassettes at 8 speed are the same. However, if you will only use the bike indoors, just use the cassette you already have. I do not see the point buying the new one until you need to ...
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Freehub body fell off. Now it's back on, but big freewheel drag

I don't have experience DT Swiss rear hubs, but with Mavic ones, that have a similar design. The ratchet mechanism is designed to be serviced without specific tools, as a result the cassette+freehub ...
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New chain -no grinding , new cassette and chain -grinding

That really sounds like an indexing issue. The cable tension isn't as it should be. Barrel adjusters at the shifter or where the cable enters the rear derailleur can be turned to fine-tune how the ...
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