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No need for a long answer... Just give the pedals a turn and the chain will find the right "cog" on it's own.


First off: Welcome back the cycling world! Yup, gears can take some getting used to. This is a common experience for adults getting into cycling after having not ridden since childhood. It will become second nature before you know it. A quick guide to the confusing world of gears Your left hand shifter corresponds to the front gears, the ones attached to ...


Have you ever driven a car? If so, they you've used a transmission. Bike transmissions work by the same principles, you have to match the load to the capabilities of the power source, in this case your legs, for the most efficient power transfer. Most mortal humans can generally produce decent output from about 70 rpm to about 90 rpm on the crank. Below ...


You mention this is your second chain. I assume that means you’ve worn down the first one and replaced it once the 0.75% wear indicator slipped through. Usually cassettes will need replacement after 3 or 4 chains. A lot of it depends on which sprockets you use most. The bigger sprockets have more teeth, therefore more surface area and wear down slower. If ...

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