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So I had an 11-speed Record chain as well as 11-speed Campagnolo Centaur shifters and rear derailleur installed on the bike and all is working well! No issues with the chainrings or front derailleur - shifts great.


I don't think there's a universal answer to this because different manufacturers do their tooth profiles and shift aids differently. However, it's easy to imagine that since a major design goal of a ramped chainring is to facilitate shifting under load or with poor technique, they're going to clock some aspects of the design relative to the power stroke. (Or ...


Aaah, you mean because the chainrings are rotated 30° relative to the crankarms compared to a traditional crankset? Since the chainrings themselves are still aligned to each other and you are not supposed to shift under load (i.e. the position of the shifting aids relative to the pedal stroke doesn’t matter) I don’t think it will make a difference.

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