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Shimano offers the FC-RX600-10 in their gravel bike line which comes with 46/30 chainrings. The chainline is a little outboard of the road chainline (by 3.5 mm). You may be able to adjust the stops on your front derailleur to fit or you may need a new gravel one. I also don't know if it fits your bottom bracket.


The crankset (110 BCD) is unlikely to accept a 30T chainring. It definitely isn't supported by Shimano. You need a new crank. Look at subcompact cranksets like, e.g., FSA Tempo Adventure (10/11 speed). Note that this specific one also uses a different bottom bracket.


Good day, i just want to update everyone that I already used the 1x12 XT Crankset with my 9speed cassette/ 9 speed chain. i haven't had any problems with it or chain drop for 1 month of using now. thank you


The answer is maybe. Mostly depending on if you will have enough clearance on your chainstay. According to this chart, a 44 tooth chainring would have a diameter of 184.6mm, while a 50 tooth chainring would have a diameter of 208.8mm, that's an extra 12.1 mm (24.2mm ÷ 2), or just under a half inch of clearance over what you would have already. If you don't ...


Specifically to your question, your bicycle's bottom bracket will define the crankset type (GPX, BB30, BSA...) - not your groupset. However, when upgrading cranksets you need to also consider a number of other factors like derailleur capacity. The Alivio groupset supports 3x and 2x cranksets, according to the Shimano product page:


There are NW 94mm rings for 1x if you want to go that path. Wolf Tooth makes one. In practice though a whole new repair crankset with the same sizes might make more sense, especially since having to buy a new BB for it is negligible if the old one is due for replacement anyway. If you 1x and decide that you need more range, you're then having to reinvent the ...

5 has Shimano's technical documentation. Searching for your crankset FC-MC30 produces the Exploded View (EV) document This lists the part numbers and descriptions of the components of the crankset. The good news is that your chainrings are bolted on and so are replaceable. A replacement ring ...


There seems to be a place to mount a front derailleur on the seat tube of the bicycle. It also seems to have unused ports in the down tube for routing of another cable. Picture source: It is possible that the same frame design is used in different bicycle configurations which ...

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