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Note, this is just one solution I thought about after posting the OP, this is still only a concept so I would love all opinions/suggestions in comments. Attach a massive hood to my back I only thought about this a few days after first posting the question. I was inspired by this product. The photo below is taken from the product website and I can't help the ...


If you go to a hardware supply in the personal protective equipment area there is a clear face shield that goes around the top of the head and pivots up. I suggest attaching that to the kids helmet. They are shatter proof, lightweight, and inexpensive ($7)


Hamax certainly make a dedicated cover, though when I had a Hamax seat I used a cover from another brand (Raleigh I think). Both keep the child's face uncovered. My worry with that design is that with plastic sheet in front of the face you really need a sufficiently sturdy support to hold it clear of the mouth and nose, even if the child falls asleep and the ...

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