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Any crank-based or (rear) hub-based powermeter will do. Powermeters built into pedals are not the only ones available as you seem to suggest. Be aware though that powermeters are likely to be quite expensive and overkill on an economy range bicycle. I might just add that the possibly cheapest way to add a powermeter would be to replace the left crank with ...


I'm sitting on it and pedaling Does that mean it doesn't click when you're standing on it and pedaling? In that case, I'd grease the seatpost and ensure it's tight. If it's a seatpost which has a separate non-integral head, in that case you might even consider changing the seatpost. If it clicks even when pedaling standing, you might want to check the ...


My understanding is that this is common with the C6. If you call Bowflex they should be willing to send you a crank puller and replacement crank under warranty.

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