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Will this replacement derailleur hanger fit my bike?

The manufacturer of the frame will often spec the type of hanger the frame uses. The broken hanger may have a number or letters and numbers on one side, like 207 or H23. Some makers of after market ...
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Flatbar shifters for 11-speed GRX groupsets

The other answer has already a specific product, but i wanted to answer in a more generic way for people with a similiar issue and maybe not the exact same product :) You can find official ...
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Flatbar shifters for 11-speed GRX groupsets

Shimano offers thumb shifters that are compatible with 11-speed road groupsets I haven't checked if there is a newer iteration ...
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Does a 3x to 1x conversion make sense for this bike?

What I'd do, on a budget, is lock the front mech in the middle ring, disconnect the cable, and fit the widest range 7-speed cassette I could find online (11-32 or 12-34 is common, 11-34 available, 11-...
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Does a 3x to 1x conversion make sense for this bike?

A 7 speed cassette is a rare thing now days. I use them on my wet-day road bike and no bike shop stocks them. Check its not a 7 speed freewheel instead of a cassette. A 6, 7, and an 8 speed ...
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Does a 3x to 1x conversion make sense for this bike?

Cost wise it is probably not a great investment to change the front of the drive train. At some point it becomes a better value proposition to sell the bike and use those funds, plus what it would ...
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Replacing SRAM Apex 1x with Shimano GRX 1x

If you just plan to change the crankset, that shouldn't be an issue with a 10-speed or 11-speed system (with 12-speed, that may be different because SRAM uses larger rollers on their flattop chains). ...
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Promax Headset Adapter 1", 1-1/8

No, not at all. That is for converting a 1-1/8" frame to 1". In SHIS terms it reduces the headtube bore of an EC34 frame to EC30 (bore ID 33.8mm to 30mm). Headshok frames essentially use the ...
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