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The main problem that stands out to me is - as strong as Commencal's bikes are - when you slacken the head angle and add more weight to the front end, especially simultaneously, you are putting a ton of stress on your head tube which is likely designed around a specific travel fork. As you could imagine there's already a ton of stress on the head tube as it ...


Here's one of my favorites. Lots of builders, shop owners, mechanics and bike nerds frequent the forum. Truly a wealth of information: Velocipede Salon Forum


Is there a site that can help you with compatibility among all parts? Yes There are sites that will let you pick all of the compatible components for a bicycle. The following are sites built by people who want to make money selling you a custom bike (these are examples of bike builder apps, not recommendations). has a bike builder feature on ...


I've finally gotten to the bottom of the bottom bracket problem. The thread inside the spindle was worn and the NDS crank arm was moving independently from the DS crank arm. Have replaced the FFS with a cup and cone BB with a retro chain guard, which is now engaging nicely. Still have, what I now know is chain slip, just got to sus out whether its the ...


4700 now has a friend. The 10-speed GRX is the same deal. Typically compact-friendly road FDs can handle 46-30 without issue, so this shouldn't be a huge deal in the scheme of things.


11 speed GRX 810 and 600 are compatible with 9000, 8000, 7000, 6800, 5800 etc. 11 speed road groups - so it obviously uses the 11 speed cable pull ratio. 10 speed GRX 400 is compatible with the Tiagra 4700 10 speed road group only, so it uses the ‘11 speed’ cable pull ratio as well. Shimano is nice enough to publish very comprehensive (if complicated) ...

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