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Dents, tears, scrapes, scratches to your bike received in falls, crashes, parking failures, roof-rack collisions, etc.

Did your bike get damaged somehow? Does it have a dent that is inexplicable and that you can't identify a cause?

If you or your bike crashed then tag with [crash] or [accident]

If your bike is Carbon Fibre or Carbon Fiber then also add the [carbon] tag. Likewise there are currently tags for [aluminium] [steel] [titanium] [bamboo] and feel free to add another if you have an exotic frame material.

Was your carbon bike scratched or is that a [crack] ? We can give an opinion but without seeing the bike its only a best-guess, and to be more confident you should have the bike inspected in person by a LBS.

Do remember to indicate if your question is repair or "is it safe to ride".