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Chain slipping when under pressure

Your chainring (or chainrings, plural) is/are probably worn out. Since that's the only load-bearing drivetrain component you didn't change, it would make sense that it is the culprit. Getting a video ...
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Chain slipping in 8th gear only

It's just possible the new chain is faulty and has a stiff link i.e. a link that doesn't rotate as freely as it should about the pin. I had this happen to me a couple of years ago and the symptoms ...
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Chain slipping in 8th gear only

There are many possible causes of chain skipping. As already said by others, it could be indexing or a worn out chainring. Other considerations: Make sure your B screw is set properly. Refer to Park ...
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Chain slipping in 8th gear only

Are you positive it's not the chainring? Try shifting into other gears besides 8th and really honk up a hill, does it slip? If your ring looks "sharky" that's another clue that that is your ...
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Chain slipping in 8th gear only

If new parts are skipping in 8th but not 9th, i.e. the 2nd smallest but not the smallest sprocket, I'd suspect indexing. Maybe the new cassette sits very slightly differently, or the wheel does after ...
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