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Why would you need or want to swap the freehubs? Can you not put a spacer inboard to fit 8/9/10 speed cassettes, like you can to fit a 7 speed cassette on an 8/9/10 speed freehub?


As Criggie suggested in the comments: likely the best value upgrade to increase range in gearing would be to stick with the 8 speed system, and replace the cassette or chain ring. If you want to have easier gearing you would replace the cassette, and if you want faster gearing you would replace the chainring (or you could potential replace both and further ...


As you have a 1x drivetrain with non-integrated brakes and shifters upgrading it to one with more gears is relatively simple. You need to replace the shifter, rear derailleur and cassette and chain at a minimum. You can also replace the crankset and bottom bracket. As you have an 8 speed cassette the freehub body will take up to an 10 speed cassette with no ...

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