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What is this valve and how do I fill it?

This is a Dunlop valve, also known as Woods. These valves always let air in but not out. The nut holds the valve in place, and you are supposed to unscrew it only if you want to deflate the tube. ...
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Dunlop valve core comes off with the cap

If you can't get the black plastic cap off of the valve core, you'll need to replace the core. I would take a couple pair of pliers and secure one around the textured part of the core and use the ...
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Leaking Dunlop valve when I inflate my tire

I've had that exact problem before. Inside the valve core there is a small rubber cylinder that slides up and down. When you try to inflate, the inrush of air pushes this rubber bit down towards the ...
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Dunlop valve stem problem

Not easy to give useful advice without pictures. Perhaps you can include some? Here is one thought: some inserts expect a slot in the stem to prevent it slipping inside. Maybe the rear stem doesn't ...
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