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It would seem likely there's a problem with the rear light's capacitor. I'm a generator light user and nerd but not a real electronics person, so maybe someone else can answer better, but my understanding is that what you're seeing (everything works but the standlight is dim) indicates a capacitor that's barely functional. You could open the light up and try ...


You’ll be perfectly fine. A carbon rear wheel on a hardtail is actually a pretty good idea because of how much you’re smacking the back wheel around, thanks to the lack of suspension.


First you need to buy a hub which fits the axle type and dropout spacing of your bike. If you don't want to buy a new rim, you also need to buy a hub with the same number of spokes as your rim. Once you have the hub, you need to measure the diameter of the spoke hole circles, and the flange spacings. You can try to get these dimensions from the hub ...


Most bike dynamos produce roughly constant current, so if you ride fast enough, doubling the resistance by wiring two lights in series gives 12v, neatly split between the lights. The classic setup in old days was two lights in series and switch to short circuit one when riding slowly, so that the other would get the full voltage. Some new LED lights designed ...

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