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How to make a 10 year old electric bike battery work better?

Very probably inside of the battery pack, there is 1 or 2 bad (dead) cell/s, and the behavior of this specific cell is impacting in the normal work of the battery though most of cell are OK. Even if ...
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hitch for trailer for ebike

Drilling or filing the mount hole of your hitch to the size you need would be my preferred solution. However, should you decide to go for another solution, the adapter you found might work well, so ...
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COB type "be-seen" lights powered from external pack (USB or 12v ebike power)

You're right - can't just connect 5V to the USB connector because very few if any of these lights will illuminate while charging. Almost all of those lights will have a tiny Lithium battery with a ...
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Alright to leave or use electric bicycle in rain

I live in the Netherlands and, as said by Willeke in their answer, no half decent company would produce an e-bike which would suffer the rain and sell it here. However the other day I was talking with ...
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Alright to leave or use electric bicycle in rain

Are electric bicycles waterproof to the extend that we can leave them in the rain for a day or few or ride it in rain or wash it with a standard home hose on normal pressure and soap? Well I guess ...
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Alright to leave or use electric bicycle in rain

It is fine to use in the rain or to wash with a garden hose - but avoid high pressure. Assuming nothing on the bike is damaged, the only vulnerable parts is the battery connectors and the battery ...
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