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E-bike stuttering up hills

Water and electricity usually don't play well together. In an e-bike, the most probable water-related malfunction sites are the brake sensors. The next suspect would be the cadence sensor and the ...
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E-bike battery charger making horrible noises, only works certain outlets?

Put a drop of oil on the fan shaft. It works for me every time. Check out utube
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1999 Giant Lafree Electrik, Only the diagnostic red light comes on. What is the problem?

I solved the problem by holding down on the reset button.
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Connecting a 9-pin cable to an ebike controller with an 8-pin connector

Hi can anyone tell me if I slice this 8-pin cable that comes out of the controller so that I could connect a 5-pin display by matching color to color? I am not sure what all the 8 wires are for in ...
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