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Why are electric bikes so expensive?

Some e-bikes are also built using higher standards than regular bikes, which has an impact on their price. The two categories are in 2023 commonly over €3k and can go up to €10k for the highest specs. ...
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Why do the majority of people on an ebike ride at a fairly low cadence?

We just like riding in the state of mindfulness. We find our joy is first in the journey, and then the destination.
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The stock brakes on many e-bikes may be inadequate. What changes would make them adequate, and at what cost?

It may be possible to design brake pad wear indicator of one or another kind as some motor vehicles have. It could simply make lots of noise when braking if worn, or, having advantage of electronics ...
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Using 4 inch tube for 3 inch wheel

I've found that a smaller tube than the tire - say using a 20x2.5 or 20x2.75 inch tube in a 3 inch tire works. But, using a larger tube than the tire can be problematic. In your case the tube is a ...
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Where is the speed sensor on my e-bike?

If the previous info doesn't help I suggest checking the controller configuration because the controller uses the magnetic sensor data to calculate and display the speed. If one of several parameters ...
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Carrera impel IS1 scooter

If this were a regular ebike I might guess that your new controller may need some configuration which would be described in the manual. This is assuming you got a replacement from the manufacturer.
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Changing wheel size when adding ebike kit to tricycle

As said you could get a 24” wheel and have the hub taken out and laced into your existing front wheel. If going down this route make sure the e-bike controller can be set for a 20” wheel otherwise the ...
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