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Chain type and chain alignment for a fixie single speed

The single front chainring won't care about chain width, because it never sees the outside only the inside of the chain. Same goes for a single rear cog. You do need the two to be aligned as well as ...
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Why a single fixed gear opposite a freewheel gear on same axle

Flip-flop fixed/freewheel hubs in actual practice are primarily used for switching to the freewheel after one discovers they don't like riding fixed. You can find reference to other nominal purposes, ...
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Chain type and chain alignment for a fixie single speed

Update: finished the bike build with the help of folks here. Had to get a shop's help to get the cranks off to access the bottom bracket. Installed a 68x107mm bracket instead of the original 122.5mm ...
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SRAM PC-1 quick link?

If this is your chain then it specifically says 1/8" chain You will need a quick link for 1/8" chain, which might also be called "single ...
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Chain type and chain alignment for a fixie single speed

The photo looks like you have plenty of chainring to chainstay clearance to move the chainring inboard. If I'm doing the arithmetic correctly, a 68 x 107 UN55 would bring it in around 7.5 mm. There ...
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Dia-Compe Gran Compe shot lever - is there a fix for 31.8mm bars?

31.8 is the stem clamp diameter, this is known as oversized. The number that you are concerned with is usually 25.4 or 22.2. Further complicating this is that levers that mount almost up against the ...
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Fixie Rear Wheel Slippage Problem

For anyone reading: If you use rim brakes, THIS IS A SERIOUS ISSUE! If the rear wheel slid forward after you set it up, then the tyre will be closer to your brake pads. Then (in my case) if you use 80-...
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