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Your gnna need a bmx chain because the the spaces on the geared chain are tooo small to fit on the freewheel/fixie cog and a few links frm a half link chain to reduce the slack on the chain since u cant adjust the distance frm the crank and the back tire. Its actually really simple to do.


In addition to Criggie's answer... Also consider removing the two chainrings you are not using (you may need shorter chainring bolts as one set go through the middle and outer rings.) The usual configuration would be retaining the middle ring and removing the inner small and outer large rings, however as you will be using a single speed conversion kit you ...


Based on the photo from your link, this bike will be difficult to convert because of the dropout having no adjustment at all. Effectively this means you will need some other way of tensioning the chain. Eccentric bottom bracket (expensive) Chain tensioner (looks like a derailleur) This also means you cannot use fixed gear, because the chain will go slack ...

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