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PMX Clubmaster from bmxmuseum has PMX bikes from 1982 to 1984 named "Clubmaster" or just "Club" The bike pictured does not have original parts. According to this link the PMX Club is a steel frame bike from Germany


It is a Raleigh Rampar r10 I had one in the early `80s.


Generally, it's not OK to ride a bike that is significantly too small for you, it's going to cause you problems. Firstly, you may not be able to raise the saddle far enough to accommodate your leg length. You may find you are having to flex your hip joint too far which is inefficient and uncomfortable. The handlebars will be too close to you, resulting in ...


Is there a local bike shop near to you where you can go and try one for size and perhaps get advice? I think, generally speaking, it's easier to get a slightly small frame to fit rather than trying to adapt a too big frame...


It sounds to me like your BB may be loose.


It's hard to tell how much flexing is happening when you're on the bike due to your movement when pedaling, particularly if you're not smooth. The answer is "some" (all frames will flex a bit when you ride), but putting a number or picture to it would depend to some extent on how much weight and force you have on the bike and the frame type and stuff too. ...


Sears F.S. (Free Spirit) Elite. Came in Teal or Blue. Made out of high tensile steel. So heavy it feels like it was made from lead and pig iron. Came with cheap parts. Made at a time when everyone and their brother was climbing aboard the e-stay bandwagon in the early nineties. I've only seen a few of them, and all were 19" frames. I have one in ...


How do the wheels attach? The instructions never illustrate how the wheels attach to the frame so all we can do is guess. Looking at the picture (the vehicle is facing left) The wheel bolts to the steering rack - attaching something like a wheelchair wheel. The there is a black verticle rod with a black ball on top on each side used to pivot the rack and ...


Just be careful of what you are using on your frame, over a period of time using unsuitable items faded mine. I found using a light vegetable soap and water then a rub over with hand cleaning wipes bought for working on the car or around the house is mild enough and should environmental friendly.


Citrus degreasers work well. They can be washed away with water. If you are going to spray your chain with WD-40, try making some shields with cardboard to keep it off the frame, brakes, wheels, tires etc.

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