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Freehub removal

That is a neat freeWHEEL that has removable/replaceable cogs. I've never seen one like that in person. The standard technique is to use the shimano freewheel spline driver tool, and a big 12" or ...
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Freehub removal

Measure & count number of splines, then search on temu or Amazon. I've had some luck on both. I weld so I have fabricated my own in obsolete situations. I do not think that your is obsolete so ...
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Unable to backpedal - jockey wheels on Campagnolo derailleur

Problem solved, but not for any obvious reason. During the long ride, the tiny magnet that activates my computer fell out of its holder, and I presumed was lost forever on a country road. I had ridden ...
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Why do some 10-speed cassettes not need a spacer for an 11-speed road hub?

The HG8/9/10 freehub is 35mm long, the HG11 road is 36.85mm long. Referring to the specifications, if mounted on 11-speed freehub, you need the spacer all the time for 10-speed cassettes (whether road ...
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Cannot remove freehub body

With the wrench in a vice and the freehub body pointing up, the wheel must be rotated clockwise to loosen and remove the hub. As soon as it breaks loose, the pinions and spring(s?) will likely fly ...
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Halo freehub body 10 teeth need part number or correct description

If that wheel was laced to a Halo rear hub, here's where to look for the hub model: Look edge on around the spoke flange. The outer circumference of one of the spoke flanges of the rear wheel. ...
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