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You need to install a D-Fly unit. Probably this one: EW-WU111 Being able to use the Garmin in rain and cold weather with gloves is brilliant. However check if you have the right components: these batteries are ok: BT-DN110 / BM-DN100


A Garmin Edge 820 or 830 (and probably the cheaper 530 as well) can do what you are asking: I just don’t really see the benefits of the elevation profile. Be aware that – at least on the 820 – the map and navigation is quite slow, at least with OpenStreetMap maps (though ...


i use my mobile phone and bought a universal bike phone holder which sits on the handle bar,i use 3 different apps (not at the same time) strava, relive and komoot, all have a free app or paid subscription personally i prefer strava because you can download the data to a pc then upload to relive to create an videomap of your trip, photos can be included ...


Looking at the ANT+ Power profile from this page. 'Power phase' and 'power phase peak' are different. 'Power phase' is where the positive contribution starts and ends. 'Power phase peak' are the start and end of peak power is being produced. Peak power is potentially a configurable amount but defaults to 50% of the total power. Angles are measured ...

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