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Why can't the Schlumpf Mountain Drive be used along with the 14-speed Rohloff?

If you use the Rohloff Speedhub, then you should use the Schlumpf Speed Drive (not the Schlumpf Mountain Drive). According to the Manual-Schlumpf-Mountain-Drive.pdf Please note, that Rohloff only ...
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Is there still production of manual gearbox bicycles?

There is currently to my knowledge one manufacturer of gearboxes: Pinion. Compared to internally geared hubs (IGHs), their flagship product offers more range (max 636%/18 speeds, vs 514%/14 speeds for ...
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Is play on the Schlumpf Mountain Drive chainring a problem? How to fix?

I only have a sample size of one Schlumpf bike I've done an install and some maintenance for, but it appears normal. See page C-1 of the user manual you link to. The "some play between the ...
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Is there still production of manual gearbox bicycles?

A two-speed frame mounted gearbox with a gearstick? Not outside niche artisan bikes perhaps intended for shows like NAHBS. The rear derailleur and multiple cogs may feel like it has a lot of metal ...
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