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Is play on the Schlumpf Mountain Drive chainring a problem? How to fix?

I only have a sample size of one Schlumpf bike I've done an install and some maintenance for, but it appears normal. See page C-1 of the user manual you link to. The "some play between the ...
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Why can't the Schlumpf Mountain Drive be used along with the 14-speed Rohloff?

If you use the Rohloff Speedhub, then you should use the Schlumpf Speed Drive (not the Schlumpf Mountain Drive). According to the Manual-Schlumpf-Mountain-Drive.pdf Please note, that Rohloff only ...
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pedals only move bike at highest gear

The way you are saying I guess is the ratchet failure. It could be worn out or just got stuck by the grease. Take it out clean it, reapply some grease in it, see how it goes.
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