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The Deore M4100 cassette is a 10-speed cassette. It goes to any Shimano splined freehub body but you need an additional 1.85mm spacer if the freehub body is intended for road 11-speed cassettes (MTB 11-speed does not require the spacer). You choose the type of hub based on the frame, for example: 130mm over locknut diameter quick release hub 135mm over ...


The first thing I would do is to compare the actual hand positions on the different bikes. Do this by actually mounting the bike, position the hands the way you are used to, and then look very closely at the angles between the back of your hands and your forearms. Do this for both bikes, and determine how these angles change. This should give you quite a ...


Look at the position of your shifters. It is often overlooked, people talk about positioning the handlebar by lowering/raising the stem, shortening the stem, but you can also move the shifters on the handlebar. Make your wrists comfortably straight. Many people (and shops) place their shifters too forward/low. Try to bring them back/up a little.


It's possible the riding conditions need better gloves or softer tyres than you're running. It's also possible the frame is stiffer, but gravel vs road makes that seem unlikely. I run my tourer off-road (though my actual touring is on road), and have found that on rough surfaces or very long rides I really need to have my bars double-taped. I usually use a ...

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