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Yes, as long as the rear derailleur is the same speed, the shifters will most likely work. And for the front shifter, adjust the limit screws so it won't shift to the 3rd gear.


Another point that could trip you up, is that tiagra 10 speed is unique and weird in its cable pull. This means Tiagra 4300 is not compatible with any other 10 speed groupset parts. So its an all-or-nothing change for you, have to do the right brifter and rear derailleur together.


You could perhaps consider (if you go for the upgrade instead of the different bike route) to only replace some (the most important) parts with ultegra(or 105 if you want to save some money) and leaving the rest of the drive train parts as is (spec wise) or replacing them with higher spec but lower than ultegra/105. In my opinion the rear derailleur/shifter ...


The only way to make this viable (economically speaking) is to find the parts you're looking for on discount during things like Black Friday. It's not impossible as I have done so myself, however you'll still have to install everything by yourself or the savings will vanish when paying the shop to do it for you.


There is nothing about the wheel or frame that is incompatible with Ultegra R8000. You might need an adapter for the bottom bracket but that's about it. However, as others have said, groupsets are much cheaper when they come on a bike than bought separately, so you will not be saving money by upgrading incrementally. Additionally you will still have 'Tiagra ...


You can do it, but it will be much more expensive to buy the Tiagra-equipped bike and then buy Ultegra parts piece-by-piece. Bike manufacturers get the parts much more cheaply than you can, and that price difference is reflected in the price of the bike. Also, consider this: Ultegra is an 11-speed group. Tiagra is 10-speed. This means that you will need to ...

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