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Is it possible to use a 26mm clamp diameter stem with a 24mm handlebar?

The combination doesn't work without a shim. The stem is shaped to be a tight fit around the handlebar to spread the pressure evenly. If you manage to tighten the bolts enough to clamp the thinner bar,...
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Easily misaligned handlebars when using stem raiser

I'd like to propose a different, more expensive, but ultimately simpler solution to this: a high rise stem. Compared bottom of your stem riser, your bars aren't that high and your stem is pretty short....
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Easily misaligned handlebars when using stem raiser

Pull the bolts, grease the threads and the bolt shoulder and washer, then put it back together. This product has very large (I think they're M8) stainless bolts that come totally dry. Being dry often ...

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