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Boardman Hyb 8.6 - how to raise one piece handlebar/stem?

The headset is specified as a 1.5-`1/18" - standard. This means you can replace the combined bars and stem with any bars/stem you like. It may detract from the look, but you could then get any ...
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Handle bar stem has frozen stripped bolt

There is a bond between the alloy stem and the steel head tube that can be difficult to break free. Usually the stem not the steel wedge is the culprit. Most methods require you to risk damaging the ...
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Handle bar stem has frozen stripped bolt

The risk is stripping the head of the bolt out and then it gets even harder. If the fastener starts to deform and not move, stop immediately. Start by adding some penetrating oil around the joint, and ...
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Cruiser handlebar rotating because clamp not strong enough

Try some combination of these and potentially all four: Very thoroughly lubricate the stem bolt threads and shoulders with grease, then torque them properly. Roughen up or remove the paint on the bar ...
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Cruiser handlebar rotating because clamp not strong enough

The problem is that the diameter of your handlebars is too small for the headstock. Your options are: get the correct sized handlebars get a headstock that fits your current bars you can buy shims, ...
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Are they called handlebar "upsweep" and "backsweep" because only one quadrant is usable?

If you wish, you can rotate most handlebars to opposite the "normal" positions and experience down/forward sweep in real life. You will probably find you do not prefer these configurations, ...
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