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I would say that it is difficult to point a single (or a pair, or even 4) component that will make your bike more reliable. I suggest you to check youtube videos from the United States of people doing mtb trails or rough roads on Walmart bicycle&similar cheap bicycle. You will be surprised at how much abuse they will get, and you may get some idea about ...


Determining the weakest point is impossible to say. What is going to fail first will depend on the terrain, speed and the aggressiveness of your riding style. If you are new to mountain biking your perception of what is rough ground will be far different than that of a more experienced rider. So just ride it until something fails. You have what is best ...


There's no point replacing the fork. A better fork will be more robust but replacing a major component is not cost effective. A better fork will cost a significant fraction of the whole bike as a separate component. If you want a better fork you should have spent the money buying a higher spec bike in the first place. Wider tires are relatively inexpensive ...


Got one like it says xtc on frame after the Giant name. Come as far as it might be an SE model. Frame does match Giants Uk catalogue from Ca 2005 to ca "2008 maybe even newer.

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