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Below is my saddle, using your marking colors. Saddle design varies and there is a lot more to a good saddle than just a cutout (or any other feature, really). Done properly, a cutout does offer relief in the area of the perineum. However, due to anatomical differences (and saddle differences) not everyone needs one. If the area of the saddle supporting ...


The depressed channel running down the middle of the saddle is what is taking pressure off the perineum, not the actual hole in the middle. Some saddles merely have the channel with no actual hole.


All you need to prevent pressure on the perineum is adequate width for the sit bones to bear your weight. You can sit on a perfectly flat board without putting damaging pressure on your perineum, no 'cutout' is necessary. You just need a saddle that is actually wide enough for your personal hip dimensions and not have slapped a razor thin track racing ...

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