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Intended for questions about heavy riders, and their requirements. Not for heavy loads or heavy bike questions directly.

Most lightweight bikes have a maximum rider limit of 80 or 100 kilos (175-220 pounds) Riders heavier than this need to do some extra things which may include any of

  • be very careful when riding
  • uprate wheels/rims/spokes
  • consider tyre sizes and pressure choices
  • evaluate saddles for load bearing

Questions with this tag should have to take weight into consideration. Even if its not the primary focus of the question, weight should affect the answer to be tagged.

Clydesdale is a more acceptable phrase for a male rider over 100 kilos.

Athena is a relatively uncommon name for female riders over 100 kilos.

Height doesn't come into it at all - there are separate tags for [Tall] and [Short] and especially light questions are rolled into the [Small] tag (because "light" means illumination)