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I did not do exhaustive literature review, but the first hit, Aerodynamics of ribbed bicycle racing helmets has wind resistance measurements for several different aero helmets with vented helmet and bare head as controls. Bare head had similar air resistance to aero helmets at low yaw angles and the lowest resistance at large angles. The paper's conclusion ...


According to Fast Fitness Tips, fully streamlined aero helmets are the only helmets that are more aerodynamic than a bald head.


The jagged and uneven edges you are seeing around the straps are merely cosmetic. At best they are at the minimum tolerance for manufacturing quality and at worst are an isolated case of tolerances going wrong during production. Either way, as long as the integrity of the foam in the helmet is not compromised (by virtue of crashing or the like), then it is ...


Dawn and a little bleach in warm water will kill just about everything, or some sanitizer like they use in meat production like a quaternary ammonia chloride. Alcohol based stuff is useless it doesn’t effect germs and viruses like the maker advertises.

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