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How do hydraulic interrupter brake levers work?

The GRX BL-RX812 Sub brake levers (interrupter levers) work because the fluid input port from the primary lever is blocked by the master cylinder piston when the sub lever is closed. The MC piston ...
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Braking pads developing mirror finish and squealing after cleaning?

Lessons learned: organic solvents are bad for braking pads. You can use whatever you want on the rotor, isopropyl is (imho) OK for the braking mechanism itself. Pads are to be cleaned with hard brush, ...
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Anyone adapted hydraulic brake levers (e.g. 105 or Ultegra) for use with rim brakes - e.g. using inline mini cylinders to drive rim brake?

I don't know that you can adapt the levers themselves. However, you can connect hydraulic levers to hydraulic rim brakes. The issue would be finding someone to make good hydraulic rim brakes. There is ...
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