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You can find some useful info over here Decoder Info Looking at your serial number tells me it's October 1987. More info can be found over the BMX museum, the link can be found from the link posted above or here BMX Museum Haro


I believe its an M600, looks just like mine, the frame anyways.


Thanks to DecSims comments to the original post I think I'm close. Here's the logo It is a Monty trial bike. The bike pictured is a Monty B221 X-Lite Mod. My best guess is that it's a 2002 Monty 231 x-lite Link to the picture Bicycle Blue Book


It is a full-suspension MTB. Judging by the bare-metal swingarm, the previous owner probably took a decade-old frame for a project bicycle. It's fairly safe to presume everything attached to the frame is after-market and possibly custom-made.


As indicated on the frame, it is an SX Mt. Fuji Ltd. produced by Fuji. It was the top of the line steel MTB model for Fuji in the late 80's and early 90's. Frame is made from Tange Prestige tubing, the top of the line tubing from Tange. It is possible that the decal near the top of the seat tube is a tubing decal, which should say Tange Prestige. It's a very ...


That was a pretty nice bike, back in the day. Probably around 1987-1990. Fuji used high quality Tange steel double butted lightweight tubing for their higher end frames It would definitely be a nice bike to rehab-renovate if there isn’t any substantial rust on-inside the frame. I would remove the rack and install a rigid fork at the least. And maybe ...

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