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Assuming it's a Schwinn Traveler III According to Schwinn used that name from 1978 to 1979 The catalog name is "Schwinn-Approved Traveler III" 1978 page 1979 page From the 1979 catalog This adult-styled 32-pound X-tra Lite 10-speed bike has been engineered by Schwinn and produced by top-rated manufacturers in Japan to combine ...


Thanks to Criggie's sharp eyes spotting the word "Coventry" From a forum thread here is a match on the head badge The decals on the bike look similar but the lug work looks different. Here is a nice example in the wild The 2020 post says the bike is 37 years old so 1983


The badge picture seems to show some (lost in time) engravings on the horizontal band. Try to look/take pictures with different light, to try to read some word or at least letters. In the meanwhile, you may try your luck in one of the biggest digital collections of headbadges that I know of: Or ask at the library ...


I see "Coventry" in the scratched out decals. The head tube badge appears to be an eagle, which is often associated with Germany and similar areas. "Cycle Shop Somerton" is probably a bike shop in Somerton, of which there are many, in the UK, US, and Australia according to Wikipedia. A search ...


BSBs It was designed by Geoffrey Russ and made by his frame builders, Geoffrey built the bicycle. There were other models. They were initially designed for bicycle couriers in London. There was also an off road version. 1988 onwards.

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