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Rear wheel is also way too far forward, possibly the chain is elongated or even just too long given the mount of droop. Can't really see, but the front rim looks more worn than the rear, suggesting there may have been a front brake which was removed possibly ? Top part of headset looks wrong - perhaps plastic. There's also rust in most of the welds, it needs ...


Bog-standard BMX, probably Chinese, likely from a department store. The brake is a touch fancy but nothing else is remarkable.


! Above picture is the 1986 version of the Stumpjumper And here is a link that may help you research the exact year of your vintage Stumpjumper: Vintage Mountain Bike Workshop


According to the Everything Murray Bicycle your serial number: M9501JX26172612 (Not sure about the "J". Best I could tell from the picture) indicates that M9 = 1969 The "X" begins a string that indicates who the bike was made for. For example "X13" would be a Murray branded bike. If you ordered enough bikes from Murray they ...


It's a Tektro RL340, or the same lever under another name. Cane Creek SCR-5 hoods are the readily obtainable option. Tektro made variants of this lever for a bunch of brands, including their own, but the Cane Creek hoods work for all.


It's a Giant Seek 1, maybe "Ltb" edition, circa 2011-2012. Here's another one.


This is the Secteur triple 2013 black charcoal and red. I have the same model

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