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Would like to identify a late 80s/early 90s lo-pro bicycle's manufacturer and tube type

The answer is definitely a Gardin TT pursuit frame. It has been independently verified. Thanks all! I learned a lot about Mississauga (Toronto) Canada-based Joe Gardin frames in the process.
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What brand is it?

The brand is United, a BMX company from the United Kingdom. It looks like they changed their logo for the following one at some point though: Edit: Using Wayback Machine on, ...
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What model is this bike I can’t find any info

From the Bianchi website, this appears to be a 2021 or earlier Bianchi Via Nirone Claris. This model is also available in 2022 and 2023, but not in that classic Bianchi teal color. The last time that ...
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Can anyone identify the model/year of this Montgomery Ward bicycle?

I have had this same exact bike (same color, reflectors, grips, etc) since I got it used in 1972 or 3. Still using it. Love it. I put 800-1000 miles on it each year in Key West. Also have been from DC ...

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