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Is zip tie a durable way to carry a spare tube on a frame?

It depends on how long the spare has been wrapped up and how much freedom of motion it has. And whether it sees a lot of sunlight/UV. Abrasion will cause damage to a spare tube over time. If your ...
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What's wrong with this Schrader valve?

It looks like there is black stuff in your valve. For reference here is the anatomy of a schrader valve. The valve core threads into the stem. Here is a cutaway view In the question the pictured ...
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Is zip tie a durable way to carry a spare tube on a frame?

I agree with your concern that the relatively narrow zip tie might cut into the tube over time. Also, consider that the teeth on the zip tie are facing inwards, rubbing against both the tube and the ...
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Do glueless tube patches work as well as glue ones?

If you are running lower pressures, like on a mountain bike, you should have no problem. I have found that as pressures increase above 75 psi then they will start to leak. If they are properly applied ...
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Is zip tie a durable way to carry a spare tube on a frame?

A wide zip tie isn't too bad for sharp edges (6mm or 1/4") I'd use a releasable one and not cut it down too short because then you can open it without tools and use it to reattach the bad tube (...
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I have 27 inch wheels and need new inner tubes what size can I use

Kibbee's answer seems to give the impression that inner tubes need to be in the range of 700x32C, where "32" is the "magic" number, in order to fit a 27x1.25" wheel, and that ...
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