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If you're hardpressed or in a hurry or it's a big job risk it, buy another tube so that you're ready for when it sooner or later fails, or when you need to replace the tire.


Check that the rim strip isn’t spinning. It can spin during braking force and carry the tube with it tearing the tube away from the base of the valve. If it is spinning you need to remove it and replace with a new strip or a few layers of tape of your favourite flavour.


I struggled with this once for a while. One (duh) obvious thing to double-check. Valves usually have a little knurled and threaded ring. Be sure to remove that ring before inserting the valve through the hole in the wheel, and replace it afterward. Otherwise it's a way to push part of the valve body into the tire. The person writing this learned that the ...


To buy time, I'd attempt a patch. Since the damage looks bigger than a commercial patch, I'd cut a larger piece from an old inner tube, and make one. Downside, any other part of this old tube could fail in the same way. Changing tube with a load-on is challenging. When you do find a supplier, buy at least three tubes, two for trailer, one for spare and ...

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