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What are the benefits of *rigid* lefty fork?

One obvious advantage for most lefty bikes is You’re able to change the tire and tube without taking the wheel off the bike. So wheel adjustments and repair can be made without interfering with the ...
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Pros and cons of single-sided forks (Cannondale Lefty)?

Pro: You can run oversize and plus size tyres on a lefty.
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Pros and cons of single-sided forks (Cannondale Lefty)?

Pro: There is no "fork," so mud and other hub-bub will not get stuck in the front as much.
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Pros and cons of single-sided forks (Cannondale Lefty)?

Con: Because there is only one side on the fork, it limits you to using disc brakes only, since there is no place to mount any type of rim brake solution.
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Generic "Lefty" single-sided fork and hub?

No. USE made a single sided fork and 8-freight use single sided front and rear wheels and there are others but mostly niche. Cannondale's version is the best known The first single sided fork I became ...
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Easy mounting brake calliper on a Lefty

With most of them the trick is you only unfasten the adapter to get the wheel off, not the caliper itself. The adapter doesn't have any range of adjustment in how it mounts to the fork, so it can be ...
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Is it possible to increase travel on Cannondale Scalpel?

If you get a fork with longer travel, it'll result in a less-steep head tube angle, and a higher BB. I'd say it's worth trying, but in your case there is a major complication: the Lefty fork. So you ...
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