The single-legged fork must truly withstand heavier bending forces than conventional forks, simply due to physics and asymmetricity. But because of its different construction, the fork is actually stiffer than most 2-legged. Pros The top is attached like a dual crown downhill fork, which is much stiffer than a single-crown. The wheel axle is one-piece with ...


One obvious advantage for most lefty bikes is You’re able to change the tire and tube without taking the wheel off the bike. So wheel adjustments and repair can be made without interfering with the disk brake rotor. This is especially useful on rear wheels as you also don’t have to take off the chain. In the case of these rental bikes, I suspect that the ...


My experience with Lefty goes back to 2000 when I purchased my Cannondale Super V. One thing I've liked about it how easy it is to 'turn off'. There's a small dial at the top that disengages the suspension - good when transitioning onto solid road riding. As mentioned above by another post, the center of balance is altered. The implication of which is ...


Pro: You can run oversize and plus size tyres on a lefty.


Like everyone, the first time I saw this fork I find it obvious that it must be weaker than conventional forks... Until I realized that conventional forks are not symmetrical at all. One side is the spring (air or metal spring) and the other side is the damper. This means the sides always works against each other. The fork is teared a on its sides and it do ...


Con: Because there is only one side on the fork, it limits you to using disc brakes only, since there is no place to mount any type of rim brake solution.


Pro: There is no "fork," so mud and other hub-bub will not get stuck in the front as much.


With most of them the trick is you only unfasten the adapter to get the wheel off, not the caliper itself. The adapter doesn't have any range of adjustment in how it mounts to the fork, so it can be removed and re-installed without disrupting the adjustment. There may be a post mount only Lefty out there. If so, the difficulty you're having is basically ...


If you get a fork with longer travel, it'll result in a less-steep head tube angle, and a higher BB. I'd say it's worth trying, but in your case there is a major complication: the Lefty fork. So you have two options: Get another Lefty with longer travel. And I don't think they sell those separately, so that's probably impossible. Get a normal fork. And this ...


silly thing to say probably, but i had a friend who stripped forks with no manual. he positioned his phone and FILMED the strip down so he would know how to rebuild it ! if you have the tools and the confidence go for it. you may find it a breeze !

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