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Magura brake pad change: friction noise?

From where you're at now, this is what I would do: Take out the wheel and pads. Intentionally overextend the pistons with the lever. Clean them and the whole caliper thoroughly with alcohol. Swab ...
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Atomized bubbles while following Park process to bleed Magura MT5

I thought the sealed system would prevent oil from tumbling out the caliper-side port, similar to how I can use a straw and my finger to lift coke out of a glass. But it doesn't seem to be the case ...
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Immense difficulties bleeding a shigura setup

My experience with Shimano hydraulic levers is that they can trap alot of air in the reservoir. This usually gives the symptom of long lever travel on the first pull and hardening with shorter travel ...
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Hydraulic rim brake with racing bike levers

SRAM call this 'HRR'. ...
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Bleed port diameter on Magura HS 11 rim brakes?

The threaded ports on Magura brakes I have worked on are bigger in diameter than Shimano, so the bucket tool in your picture would not fit, don't waste money on one uneccesarily, though you can get ...
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Shigura - Can i use a Shimano XT Lever on A Magura HS33 Hydraulic Rim Brakes

Maybe. Magura strongly suggests using their "Royal Blood" brake fluid, whereas Shimano specifies Mineral Oil. My understanding is that Magura's fluid is a variation of Mineral Oil but they'...
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Immense difficulties bleeding a shigura setup

Infinite bubbles means that air is getting in during the bleed, either from unsound technique or equipment, a faulty hose connection, or a problem with the caliper or lever such as a faulty seal. What ...
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Removing Magura HS11 rim brake (hydraulic) without quick release lever

To undo the bolt attaching the brake mechanism to the fork, you need a Torx 25 star-shaped bit. I had one in my toolbox, but they are readily available at DIY shops - just google ‘torx 25 bit’ There ...
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